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Asia The Toronto Facialist 2021 Best FacialsWhoa! What a year this has been. 

A global pandemic with consequences none of us could have imagined. I have always believed that living in the moment is the best way to live a full and present life. The past fifteen months have really tested this practice, with nowhere to go, no one toee, restrictions on the industry that I love so much and an uncertain future I found myself really having to practice living in the moment.

Here are some ways that I found really help to allow for staying present and living in the moment.

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Wake Up With An Attitude of Gratitude

The first thoughts in our waking hours have a way of shaping our thoughts and attitude throughout the day. Before even stepping out of bed think of three things that bring you joy and three things you are thankful for. It’s amazing how this practice can help you to stay present and remember there is always something to be happy about. 

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Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media is wonderful in so many ways and we turn to it to be social, connected and educated on the things we care about but social media can also be a productivity killer as well as make you feel blah about yourself and your life. I find putting a rule in your routine where you don’t check social media until a certain time of day and only for a certain amount of time per day really helps to prevent the distraction of being present. Studies have shown that morning hours are the most productive for most people and that avoiding your phone in the morning hours helps to stay on course for the day.

Declutter Your Home and Product Shelf 

Getting rid of the unnecessary stuff in your home, items that no longer serve a purpose or spark joy in your heart can be so freeing. This includes your skincare and make-up products. There has been a big marketing campaign in the Cosmetic industry to buy more products and the more you have the better your skin will be. This is not true. Just like everything in life - less is more. With the right products and ingredients, you do not need a cosmetic shelf full of skincare and make-up. Organizing a decluttering your private space is an incredible way to feel free and living in the moment.

Dream Big and Put the Work In Today

Dream about the future, DREAM BIG! Set goals and plans for the future, find what brings you energy and joy and start taking steps and working hard towards it today. Taking steps now is always the way to realize your dreams. Don’t allow dreaming about the future to replace living in the present moment. Dreaming about the future is only productive when combined with action taken in the present moment.

I am a huge fan of writing out lists for the week so that I can manage my time and feel that I accomplished what needs to be done by crossing each item off the list as they are completed. 

Love Yourself

Slow down and take time to enjoy yourself in the moment. Covid has definitely forced us all to do this on some level. Try practicing accepting who you are, learning to respect that you are unique and that you bring so much beauty to this world when you are your true authentic self. 

 Find something that makes you feel present and at peace. Reading an educational book, cooking, listening to music that touches my soul and dancing are all ways that I find help me to appreciate this moment and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. 

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I feel learning to live in the moment is an essential ingredient to a happy, more peaceful life.

If you can only live one moment at a time, you might as well make it the present moment!

Do you have other tips to add that help simplify your life and help you live in the moment? I would love to hear them!

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